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DDVR Full Moon Party (27,02,21) Event Mixes (Stream & Download)

Different Drumz VR recently held a full moon party in collaboration with  the guys at 'The Inner Circle' & 'Altspace VR'. This event was a virtual reality beach party on our all new 'Bassline Beach'  and featured over 6 hours of live music and pure party vibes.

This was the first of many VR events to be held by DDVR and it showed great results with over 580 people who attended throughout the event. We have created this post to share the Different Drumz mixes that were featured during the event including exclusive dnb mixes from Different Drumz artists and guests Dizzy Gee, Blue Foot Jai & FX909 so you guys dont have to miss out on what was a quality night if you did not manage to make it on the night! The mixes featured below are available to stream & download from our official soundcloud page or by clicking on the respective links on each mix in the player below.

For more info about our virtual reality events make sure to check out our official DDVR page and subscribe to our DDVR Channel on Altspace or join our DDVR Discord!


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