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Figured it was only fair I got the ball rolling.....


User Name: Nitro

Real Name: Will

Age: 36

Sex: Male

Where you live: Surrey

Job/Occupation: Website / Graphic Designer, Builder, Online Radio & Record Label Manager

Favourite Music Genres: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Old School, UK Garage

Fave DJ: Hmm Tricky one..  Calibre

Fave Producer: Calibre, LSB, Random Movement, Spectrasoul

Fave Drum & Bass Track: hmmm very tricky one this but one of my faves has to be Black & Blue (Calibre Remix)

Interests / hobbies: Mixing, Producing, Designing, Pubs lol

Likes: same as above

Dislikes: haters, fakers, liars, dubstep

Fave Website: well it would have to be  https://www.differentdrumz.co.uk my dj site  http://www.dj-nitro.co.uk and my design company http://www.n2odesigns.com

How did you find Different Drumz? .... I built it! 😉

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