Welcome To The All New Different Drumz DnB Radio Website

Welcome To The All New Different Drumz DnB Radio Website - www.differentdrumz.co.ukNitro has been very busy behind the scenes recently working night and day (literally) and we are finally very proud to present the all new Different Drumz website, with a host of new features making it even easier to share the love for quality drum & bass and bring all fellow junglists that little bit closer together!!

New Features Include

New Design – First things first, you will notice we have updated our whole look by keeping with our original black and white theme but adding a splash of neon pink to liven things up and highlight links and important info.. and of course pink is the colour of luuurrrve haha. The site is also fully responsive so it should change size and shape and adapt to your device be it PC,Mac, Mobile ot Tablet.

Drum & Bass News / Blog – We have now integrated our drum and bass blog with all our release updates and radio news etc into our main website so now everything is all in one place and easy to find.

Upgraded Downloads – As we built the whole website again from scratch we have had to start again when it comes to our downloads section so we upgraded it a bit and now all downloads work in one simple click and the file size is shown next to the download link too.

DDz DnB Mobile Apps – We have not only been working on our website, we are also hard at work updating all the Different Drumz dnb mobile apps for both Android and iPhone so they will work better and on more devices. We hope to have them updated soon too! If you have not already install one of our apps and it should be updated automatically as soon as the update is released.

New Events Page – With our brand new Different Drumz website comes a brand new events page featuring various forthcoming drum and bass events with flyers, full details & google maps, you can even submit your own events and have them listed on our website too.

New YouTube channel – Our new YouTube channel is now featured on the home page of our site and will be updated regularly with loads of forthcoming D&B tracks from various artists and labels in the scene.

DDz Drum & Bass Radio – As always we have our 24/7 drum and bass radio stream broadcasting at 192kbps playing the best in fresh dnb beats. We also have lots of new DJ’s joining the team and starting new weekly radio shows at the moment too so make sure to keep an eye out for showcase mixes, profiles and show details popping up over the website soon…


I am sure there is loads more to tell you about as there is so much but we will let you have a good look around and discover it all for yourself..

If you have any any questions or would like to give us some feedback about our nice new website including ideas for improvements etc then please do let us know as we would love to hear your ideas…

If you like the website or any of our downloads or free content please be so kind as to give the page or post a little ‘like’ or ‘share’ and help us grow bigger and share the love for quality dnb that bit further…

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you around the site or in the chatroom soon…


Nitro & The Different Drumz Family