Vibration Records | Samuel Riiser & Jenna G – Red Velvet (Out 21st Dec 2015)

Samuel Riiser & Jenna G - Red Velvet A sophisticated jazzy drum and bass track accompanied by the infamous singer Jenna G. Red Velvet is a seductive and soul filled masterpiece built with intricate layers of guitar, double bass, piano and of course Jenna G.

Jenna G

Red Velvet does exactly what it says on the tin. It is one super sexy, jazzy, ‘come get me’ tune. Samuel’s production skills and Jenna’s vocals caress the inner ears whilst trailing a delicate tongue of quality and depth of Jenna’s inimitable vocal range along the neck and into the hollow of the collarbone. The body becomes one giant goose bump as it is immersed and encapsulated within the protective cocoon of liquid beats and instrumental sounds which intertwine in, around and through Jenna’s sensual deep resonating tones.

The combination of Samuel’s production and Jenna’s vocals draws both heart and soul together. One will not desire the end of the gloriously harmonious and relaxed beauty which is Red Velvet.

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