Such Music | Low:r – Ebb N Flow EP (Out Now)

Low:r - Ebb N Flow EP‘Ebb N Flow’ is Such Music’s biggest release to date and the label couldn’t be more proud. With this release, Low:r proves he’s a serious contender in the DnB world. This 5 track EP brings beauty, intensity and a soulful class that exemplifies production at the top of its game.

Low:r began producing Drum & Bass in 2011, when he met fellow producer Locustlung. Together they wrote the techy, 4 track EP, “Sentinel,” which broke into Drum & Bass Arena’s top ten chart. “Ebb N Flow” is Low:r’s first five-track EP, released under Such Music and his second official release for the label.

ABOUT SUCH MUSIC — Such Music is a drum and bass label based in Los Angeles, California. Striving to bring you drum and bass that gets inside your spirit, Such Music focuses on quality first, delivering music with a high level of production, depth and honesty. This is music to bring you back to life.

The Tracks

  1. Low:r ft. Siilhouette – Dreamin’
  2. Low:r – Sunrise
  3. Low:r – Blind Tide
  4. Low:r – For Dem
  5. Low:r – Through The Ground

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