Scott Allen – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 7

Scott Allen - Different Drumz Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Different Drumz Podcast Series featuring exclusive mix and interview from American D&B artist Scott Allen (Soul Deep / Good Looking / Fokuz / Telluric)!


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The Tracklist

1) Submatic – All I Want [Soul Deep Dub]
2) Furney – Left Without You [Telluric Recordings]
3) Dramatic – So Crazy [Soul Deep Dub]
4) Treex – Troubled Minds [Soul Deep Dub]
5) nCamargo – Always Here [Soul Deep Dub]
6) Marvel Cinema – Out of Sight [Soul Deep Dub]
7) dRamatic – Diamond in the Rough [Soul Deep Dub]
8) J-Logic & Satl – Your Love [Dub]
9) HumaNature & J-Logic – Get Ya Down [Soul Deep Exclusives]
10) Blade – You Belong in my Arms [Dub]
11) Pixel – Babylon [Soul Rebel Dub]
12) David Boomah – Where Do We Go From Here (Calibre Rmx) [V Recordings]
13) Londy – Hold On [Dub]


The Interview

Hey Scott, thanks for taking part in the DDz Podcast series, please could you give the listeners a little flavour of your background and what has led you to this point in your career?
I started playing breakbeat music in the early 90’s and played a countless amount of gigs around the U.S. and Canada. In the early 2000’s I fell in love with D&B and switched my focus to collecting, writing and deejaying D&B music.

As some people already know you run Soul Deep Recordings, How long has Soul Deep been running and what gave you the push to establish the label in the first place?
In January of 2011 I launched Soul Deep Recordings along with producer, Deeper Connection. The goal behind the label was to bring some of the lesser known, but highly talented artists to the forefront of the scene. The label quickly gained momentum with big releases by Phat Playaz, Arp-1, mSdoS, MJT & Soultec, and many more. After about a year and a half and many successful releases, Deeper Connection decided to part from the label to focus on his thriving production career. For the last couple of years I’ve been running Soul Deep Recordings, as well as a new sub-label, Soul Deep Exclusives.

What inspires you, and continues to inspire you in music, in terms of d&b specifically and music as a whole more generally?
What inspires me the most is listening to all of the great producers that are out there right now. There’s so much great music to listen to that I can’t help but to be inspired to write music of my own. As for my influences, one of my biggest influences is Reggae music. I could listen all day to the big basslines, soulful guitars, and gripping vocals all drenched in vintage reverb and delay effects.

What would you say is your proudest moment in music so far? Anything that sticks out?
I remember when I started Soul Deep Recordings and I heard some people would talk about how they had never heard of me and that my label wouldn’t last. I think I’m most proud of how the Soul Deep brand has risen to be one of the top Liquid D&B labels with it’s music being supported by deejays all over the world.

It’s widely known that EDM is gaining popularity in many forms in the US. How is d&b fairing in this, in your eyes?
The D&B scene is good over here in the States. I think it still hasn’t fully caught on yet, but I think the future is very bright. The artists and promoters over here need to keep pushing the sound and creating desirable club nights full of D&B music. I’d say the harder edge D&B has caught on the most as well as Dubstep. But I feel like there’s an untapped market for Liquid D&B that needs to be pushed into the forefront of the dance music scene.

What software/hardware do you use to produce your music & do you have any favourite vst’s or programs?
I use Ableton Live as my primary DAW. My favorite plug-ins are Massive, Omnisphere, and Absynth.

What can people look out for in terms of releases from yourself in the not so distant future?
I have a collaboration tune with Deeper Connection that drops this week on Telluric Recordings. I have 5 songs that are signed to Good Looking that should be released at some point this year. I’m also working on an EP for Soul Deep Recordings that should be out by the middle of 2014. I’ve began working on another song for vinyl release on Soul Rebel Recordings, and I’m working on some material for a follow up vinyl release on Fokuz Recordings.

Also what upcoming events do you have planned & do you have any UK event dates we can look forward to?
I’m currently working on setting up some dates for U.S. gigs. And I’m asked almost every day when I’m going to make it over to Europe to play some shows. I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m just waiting for the right time and situation to make the trip over. I’m attempting to plan a summer tour through the U.K. and other European countries during the visit.

What have you prepared for the DDz podcast mix?
I’ve prepared a mix of some of the freshest material from Soul Deep Recordings. The mix is a nice blend of cool, melodic tunes, heavier dance floor jams, and some jazzy rollers that will satisfy the soul.

Before we wrap it up, do you have any shouts you would like to give?
I’d like to give a shout out to all the producers in the Unites States who are helping to push the sound. Random Movement, Flaco, Bachelors of Science, Stunna, Place 42, j:logic, Jaybee, Dave Owen, Kasper, and Bank. I probably forgot a few names, but you guys know who you are! I’d also like to send a big shout out to DBase and Giorgiolive. Together they’ve done a great job providing graphics for my releases on Soul Deep Recordings. Thanks for all of your hard work guys.

Finally, please can you give us your current top 10 tracks?

1) dRamatic – Diamond in the Rough [Soul Deep Dub]
2) David Boomah – Where Do We Go From Here (Calibre Rmx) [V Recordings]
3) Pixel & Malaky – In Your Arms Again [Soul Deep Dub]
4) HumaNature – Get Ya Down [Soul Deep Exclusives]
5) Scott Allen – Lonely Soul [Soul Deep Dub]
6) Paul SG – Shantrila [Soul Deep Dub]
7) Pixel – Babylon Fall [Soul Rebel Dub]
8) Macca – Original Degree [Soul Rebel Dub]
9) Blade – You Belong In My Arms [V Recordings Dub]
10) nCamargo – Always Here [Soul Deep Dub]