Rawnfilthy Live on Different Drumz Radio (Stream & Download)

Tunesday Journeys with Rawnfilthy Live on Different Drumz Radio

Long term resident DJ Rawnfilthy presents 2 monthly shows right here on Different Drumz Radio both showcasing different styles of drum and bass.

The first show is his ‘Tunesday Journeys Show’ that is live on the first Tuesday of every month 6-10PM (GMT) with no less than 4 hours of quality soulful drum and bass!

The second show ‘Rawnfilthy In The Mix’ is broadcast live on Different Drumz Radio on the third Friday of each month from 5-9PM (GMT) with yet another 4 hour show this time playing a wider range of drum and bass beats including everything from soulful liquid and deep beats to jump up, darker styles and jungle too!

Below you can find a playlist with all of the radio broadcast recordings from both shows and all of which are available to stream and download for free!

Rawnfilthy Live on Different Drumz Radio Playlist

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