Random Movement – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 5

Random Movement - Different Drumz Podcast Episode 5

The team here at Different Drumz are very proud to introduce the fifth episode of The Different Drumz Podcast Series with a exclusive mix and interview from the one and only Random Movement (Innerground / Rubik Records / Liquid V / Intrigue)!


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The Tracklist

1) Phil Tangent – Giving Up The Ghost (Dub)
2) Will Miles – Human Error (Miles Ahead)
3) Random Movement – Little Treasures (Liquid V)
4) Raw Q – Sweet VIPea (Dub)
5) Command Strange – Movin’ On (Dub)
6) Bondax – Gold (Technimatic Remix) (Dub)
7) Jaybee & Grimm – Bitch Betta Have My $ (Prestige)
8) Makoto – Girl I’m Running Back 2 U feat. Christian Urich
(Random Movement Remix) (Human Elements)
9) Makoto feat. MC Conrad – Golden Girl (Lenzman Remix) (Dub)
10) PA – Battle of Witts (Boosta & Atmos T Remix)
11) Sr & Digbee – Jog On (36 Hertz)
12) PA – 15 Year Grudge (Muzik Hertz)
13) Qumulus – The Absence of Reason (Dub)
14) Switch – If I Don’t Know (Tempo1202)
15) Skeletone – Don’t Worry! I’m Easy Man (Dub)
16) Phil Tangent – Pleasure Trip VIP (Rubik)
17) Marky & Makoto – Bloody Mary (Innerground)

The Interview

Hi Random Movement, good to have you on Different Drumz, thanks for taking the time. Please could you get us started by telling us a little more info about yourself for those that may not allready know about Random Movement?
I am an upright jazz bass player that somehow managed to take a ticket on the drum and bass train and never get off. I started out with a musical partner back in 2001, did our first few releases around 2003-05, and we parted ways and I continued to carry the name to what it is today. I make tunes more on the soulful side of things, with a little grime to pass the time.

Taking that a little further, could you take us through some of your recent releases & tell us what you have got coming out next?
I have recently put out a track entitled “Down Somehow” on DJ Marky’s Innerground label, available on 12″ vinyl and digitally. It and another track I’ve done are part of the compilation Innerground is putting out called “The Sounds Of The Innerground”, a two cd compilation with one disk full of dj friendly tunes and the other a dj mix I’ve done of my favorite tunes from Innerground’s back catalogue. I also have tracks coming on the Liquid V, Rubik, and Intrigue imprints very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you had a good year so far & What have you got planned for the rest of 2013?
Things have been on the right track as of late, with the mixdowns coming together in a way I can only describe as “Fatter”. I feel like the sound I have been going for is more easily at my fingertips now, and making things hit the right way is becoming more of a fun chalenge with every track. Not sure what I have planned for the rest of the year, but Europe is on the horizon again for me in the future…

Thinking back, was there a particular moment, or maybe a particular tune, which switched you on to drum & bass in the first place?
I had a tragic hard drive crash in 2000 and went out to a random club night, ate a bunch of drugs and heard high Contrast’s “Return of Forever” for the first time with the right ears. I had always had exposure to drum and bass, but for some reason that song really grabbed me at that moment. You know the rest 😉

What’s your experience of the US drum & bass scene been like?
It has been an uphill battle for a while but I feel like lately things are coming together in a way that they hadn’t in the past. There is a stronger community now, and people recognize the history more than before. I notice there are more young folks into the music, which is encouraging as hell.

What are some of your interests apart from music, DJing and producing?
I like to cook alot. I live in the Chain-of-Lake’s region of Florida, so there are alot of lakes interconnected, so many that using a boat is a really great way to get around, not to mention have a good time. I try to go out on the water with my wife and friends as often as I can, which might also be why I don’t get music done as quickly as I used to!

Please could you tell us a little more about how you have put the podcast together and what can our listeners expect to hear in your podcast mix?
This is a mix of tunes from my promo folder, stuff that is coming out or has just come out, that I like to play. It’s a good time. Have a drink or three while listening.

Before we wrap it up do you have any shouts that you would like to give?
I’d like to give a shout to the crew over at DrivenAM, Dave Shichman, Sinistarr, Mixmaster Doc, Strife, Dave Owen and all the rest of you bastards. Proud to be a part of such a great group of artists.

Finally, please can you give us your current top 10 or so tracks – d&b or any other genre?

Heres my top ten in no particular order:
1) Submorphics – Hurt So Bad (Liquid V)
2) Shapeshifter – Profit (Lenzman Remix) (Trutone)
3) SR & Digbee – Jog On (36 Hertz)
4) Submorphics – Organ Grinder (Calibre Remix) (Rubik)
5) Skeletone – Don’t Worry! I’m Easy Man (Dub)
6) Command Strange – Floor Shaker (Dark Manoeuvres)
7) DJ Chap – Like A Fiyah (V Recordings)
8) Marky & Makoto – Bloody Mary (Innerground)
9) Raw Q – Sweet VIPea (Dub)
10) Flaco – Bubble Bobble (Dub)