Open Being – Deep Jungle Guest Mix | Free Download

We are proud to introduce a fresh new deep jungle guest mix from Open Being  to see you into the new year in style! Expect 70mins of deep jungle beats set to bring you back in time and soothe the soul!

Open Being (Tim) had his first set of decks aged 12 which started a mega passion for DJing. He has since mixed various styles of rave on several radio stations including In2beats FM, Dose, Control Live FM, MKFM, UK’s Finest FM & Lab Radio FM. At Lab Radio, two years running he received the award for best weekend show (2008/9). In 2011 he released a mix with Jot Maxi MC for the dubstep label Dubthugz. Together with Jot he performed grime shows on radio and later in 2017 they released the Stronghold mini-mix. As well as the airwaves Open Being has spun tunes at various clubs, raves and local festivals. More recently he has played deep house & trance at Wild Cow ecstatic dance events in Milton Keynes and live streamed shows for the Conscious Buddy Community. In 2022 he started a weekly show on In2beats FM (The Weekend Boost Show)

Tim’s journey into rave music started out with his cousins Andy and Phil giving him tape cassettes and CD’s. They are a little older than him and back in the late 90s when he was vibing with the Now Hits chart compilations!… They would transform the trajectory of his future with rave and urban hip hop music!

In terms of jungle and DnB, Tim remembers that Andy gave him an LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad jungle set from event Awol around the same time he was buying CDs from HMV. In HMV he came across a CD compilation titled ‘Drum n Bass 2000’ which he was really into, and that year he had his first set of decks.

Tim experimented with a cutting mix style that he’d heard in early jungle and acid house/hardcore sets on tape packs by events like Fantasia and Dreamscape. Alongside this cutting, he was trying out a more subtle, stripped back mix style that he was hearing in trance… To blend with much smoother transitions at the start and end of each track, to hear the whole progression of the track through.

Fast forward to today and this guest mix for Different Drumz… Being December 2023 Tim’s vision for the mix was to play some of this year’s releases by some of his favourite current jungle producers and it is available for free download!

The Mix


The Track List

  1. ASC – What Lies Beneath
  2. Eusebeia – Turning Point
  3. Damian’s Ghost – High Places
  4. Subreachers – Devotion
  5. J Majik – Meridian (Tim Reaper remix)
  6. DJ Sofa – Dilemma
  7. Sync Dynamix – This One!
  8. Ricky Force – Reflex
  9. Arcologies – Sentient Dream
  10. Subjects  – I Need You
  11. Harmony – Abbey Road (Orca remix)
  12. DJ Ande – Be Bold  (Blame Shadow remix)

The Download


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