NexGen Music | Cutworks – Soulroot EP (Out Now)

Cutworks - Soulroot EPThe latest Drum and Bass release to appear on the musical powerhouse — NexGen Music has just hit stores in the form of a four track EP from flagship NexGen artist, Cutworks also known as Maxim Yudin from the Russian Federation. Cutworks has racked up over 50 releases in his career so far, as well as remixing the likes of Sun- chase and Roy Green and Protone.
Lead track from the EP, “Soulroot” has a grainy jazz infused laid back atmosphere that conjures images of the kind of smoky dark rooms that wouldn’t look out of place in a Dick Tracy story, but with added breakbeat flavours and a big bottom end.
“I’d made Soulroot a while ago and I sent it to Dan from Nexgen. He wanted to sign the track, but asked me to send him some non drum & bass to complement it. “ reflects Cutworks.
Cutworks added downtempo track “Last Days On Venus” into the mix to balance “Soulroot” and show another side to his work. A nine minute extra terrestrial odyssey that swoops and arcs its way through various chapters in its musical journey inspired by Cutworks own travels. “I get a lot of inspiration from travelling and seeing new things. I think if you listen to “Last Days On Venus” you’ll know what I mean.”

The EP was born when D.A at Nexgen heard two more of Cutworks more recent drum and bass tracks. “Away With You” builds on the Liquid-Funk influences, which Maxim cites as a strong guiding force in his music, result- ing in a richly layered roller that neatly spans the gaps between “Soulroot” and “Last Days On Venus”. “Algo- rithm” was the final addition to the EP and showcases another angle to Cutworks’ musical style. Intense congas from the outset build an agitated atmosphere before the bass is unleashed and this turns into another Cutworks stomper.

The Soulroot EP is out now on Nexgen Music.

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