Mr Legacy (UK)

Mr Legacy

Having had an older brother and next door neighbour who used to listen to helter skelter, one nation tape packs Mr Legacy was exposed to dance music from a young age. After this he used to listen to a lot of prodigy and any other rave music that he could get hold of.

Legacy started going raving late in life really… about 2003 at raves like side winder, one nation, hardcore heaven and the occasional free party in east london.

He has been mixing Drum and Bass/Jungle for about 9 years. After 3 or 4 months he started mixing on a local pirate radio station and did so for 5 years. He recently took a break from it all (all be it a very short one), But now he is back with a new love for mixing!! Changing music styles slightly to Soulful Liquid flavours, rave breaks and J-Tek.

Mr Legacy recently dragged himself kicking and screaming into the future by buying an audio controller, although not completely as he still uses his turntables to mix occasionally! Legacy is looking to the future as he moves forward as an artists & a DJ with Different Drumz

Legacy Presents ‘The Liquid Databass Show’ Live on Different Drumz with studio cam every Tuesday from 6-8pm! Make sure to check it out!