LQD Code (Russia)

LQD Code

LQD Code (Sergey Voropaev) is a professional musician from Habarovsk, Far East, Russia, playing clarinet since 6. Before he started playing electronic music in 2005, he already played in a jazz orchestra and visited France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, China and other countries with his music.

In later years he fell in love with drum and bass and explored drumfunk, raggae jungle, jazzstep and house music while he spent time earning his Master’s degree in clarinet performance before returning his focus to the love of playing drum and bass.

Today LQD Code/Sergey is a DJ by night, a Jazz musician by day and he plays in local clubs, arranges and supports drum and bass events and hosts his own live radio shows on both www.16bit.fm and right here on Different Drumz where he plays plenty of smooth and soulful liquid and intelligent drum & bass!

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