LM1 – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 2

Different Drumz Podcast Episode 2 - LM1

The team here at Different Drumz are very proud to introduce the second episode of The Different Drumz Podcast Series with a exclusive mix and interview with LM1 (Offworld / Dispatch / Focuz / Levitated / Translation / Rotation Deep)!


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The Tracklist

1) Keosz & Minor Rain – Let me be (Offworld dub)
2) Fulllarity – Loneliness (Offworld dub)
3) LM1 – Season Of Descent (Johnny Beverton remix) (Offworld dub)
4) LM1 – Different Shores (Offworld dub)
5) Envya & Survied – Solipsism (Offworld dub)
6) LM1 & Glen E.Ston – Undercurrent (Offworld dub)
7) Good Natured Threat – Beacons (Keosz remix)(Offworld dub)
8) Keosz – Mountain level (Offworld dub)
9) Silence Groove – Air Up There (Offworld dub)
10) Silence Groove – Carried By The Clouds (Offworld dub)
11) Actraiser – Haunted Vessel (Offworld dub)
12) Actraiser – Return To Valhalla (Offworld dub)
13) Scro & LM1 – Clear The Way (dub)
14) LM1 – Shadows (IM:Ltd dub)
15) Silence Groove – In Your Eyes (Offworld dub)
16) Silence Groove – Eat Me Softly (Offworld dub)
17) Stunna & Dfunk – Losing You (Soundtrax)
18) LM1 – Zero Gravity (Offworld dub)

The Interview

Hi LM1, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you got to be where you are today?
I started off making progressive house back in 1995 and had 6 vinyl releases between 98-02 under the name “Red Devil” with “Gamelan” being featured on Sasha & Digweed “Northern exposure 3”. I took a long break from music and found melodic drum and bass in earnest in 2008. I starting out remixing american group “Celldweller” in a dnb style and 3 subsequent remixes were released commercially. From there i`ve honed my own sound to where i am on many labels today with support from some big names in dnb and now run my own label “Offworld” which i`ve been doing since early 2010.


Where does the name LM1 come from?

It`s a short hand version of “Luminousone” which is a tribute name given to the buddha.

Could you describe your sound to anyone that may be new to LM1?

My style has been evolving throughout the years but there`s always been a strong melodic style to it with pads,atmospherics and riffs.

As some people may or may not know, you are the head honcho for Offworld Recordings (www.offworldrecordings.com), what can we expect for the future from the Offworld camp with regards to artists and releases?
I have lots of new music forthcoming from the likes of myself LM1, Silence groove, Actraiser, Antibreak, Glen E.stone , Seathaksy and Shadowboxerz. A special `minimal` compilation is coming soon and i`m launching a sub label for this style and others later in the year called `Alterra`.

Is being a DJ, Producer & Label manager your full time job or do you do something else?
It`s a full time job for me at the moment as i`m in the process of relocating.

Do you listen to or produce other genres of music aside from drum and bass?
While drum and bass is my favourite music to listen to i`ve always been fond of ambient & trance and I`m really feeling ambient and ambient dubstep at the moment and plan to make more of this style and experiment.

What other DJs/Producers are you really feeling at the moment? As well as the artists on my label i really like the music of Seba, Paradox, Electrosoul, Nuage, Stunna, Technicolour & Komatic. There`s lots of new artists coming through at the moment with fresh sounds it`s very encouraging.

You currently hold down a bi monthly BassDrive radio show how did that come about?
DJ Amnesty from bassdrive approached me for a guest mix,and after making a couple of mixes for him which were well received one of the station managers `Overfiend` heard them and got in touch and asked if i`d like to do a show.It`s such a great station i`m delighted to be on there and gives me a platform to promote the label and music styles i like best in drum and bass.

What can listeners expect on your podcast mix for Different Drumz?
I packed the mix with forthcoming Offworld material for this year.The first half of the mix is`minimal` with tracks forthcoming on the compilation i have planned and builds up nicely before the steppers come in.

Before we wrap this up could you let us know about your current/forthcoming releases and do you have any last words or shouts?
My newest release with the Future engineers `Shape of things` is out now on Soul deep.I have a 12″ coming on Fokuz with Nelver (Disciple) later in the year and a track `Shadows` coming on IM:Ltd soon. Big shouts to the Offworld artists,everyone at bassdrive and Scenic & Advisory for putting on some stellar nights in conjuction with Offworld.Thanks to the djs and fans everywhere supporting LM1 and Offworld,your support makes its all worthwhile!

Finally could you give us your current top 10 please
1) Seba – Nightrider
2) Technicolour & Komatic – Stay feat. Jayma (BCee Remix)
3) Tango and Lighterman – all fall down (dub)
4) Capsika – Stars collide
5) LM1 & Nelver – Prayer (Celsius dub)
6) Submotion orchestra – All yours (Spy remix)
7) LM1 – On the QT (Soul deep)
8) Static – Waiting around (Offworld dub)
9) Rockwell – Tripwire
10) Schematic – Free me (Fox:Rox & Jay Rome remix)