Komatic – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 1

Different Drumz Podcast Episode 1 - Komatic

The team here at Different Drumz are very proud to introduce the launch of The Different Drumz Podcast Series with a exclusive mix and interview with none other than Komatic (Shogun Audio/Viper Recordings/Spearhead Records)!

The Tracklist

1) Intro
2) Technicolour & Komatix – Launch Sequence (Spearhead dub)
3) Bungle – Blue (Spearhead dub)
4) Komatic – The Open Choice (dub)
5) Komatic – Earth Turns (dub)
6) Friction ft. McLean – Someone (Shogun)
7) Komatic – Rectified (Celsius dub)
8) A-Sides – One DJ (Clearskyz)
9) Seba – Nightrider (Nu Directions dub)
10) Random Movement – Revealed (dub)
11) Technicolour & Komatic – The Secret (dub)
12) Phat Playaz, Scott Allen + Deeper Connection – Look Inside (dub)
13) Random Movement – 2 Dogs Down (dub)
14) Komatic – The Initiated (Celsius dub)
15) Technicolour & Komatic – The Deepest Blue (Viper)
16) Donnie Dubson – Silver Plate (dub)
17) Pro Luxe – My Hands Are Wings Again (dub)
18) Technicolour & Komatic – Changeling (SGN : LTD)
19) Icicle – Nausea (Shogun)
20) Bcee – Beyond Belief (Spearhead dub)
21) Commix – Painted Smile (Headz)
22) Technicolour – The Harp Tune (dub)

 The Interview


Hi Komatic would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how you got to be where you are today?
My name is Andy Komatic and I live in Bedford, UK.  I’ve been DJ’ing for about 15 years now and have been producing for around 7 years, with a few releases along the way.


Where does the name Komatic come from?
Trade secret!!

I believe you primarily started out as a DJ and production was something you later got involved in, did you start producing because you wanted to get more bookings as a DJ?
I 100% started producing because I wanted to get more bookings as a DJ.  I’ll always be a DJ first, producer second.  I tried for years to make it just on the DJ’ing and had some success, but I knew that to get to the next level I had to be making music.  Now I have the added bonus of being able to play my own music out, as well as other people’s.


You’re playing at the next Different Drumz event, what can we expect from a typical Komatic set?
My sets can vary from place to place depending on the crowd, the vibe and what works at that moment in time.  But I keep it very varied, energetic and try to involve the crowd as much as possible.  I still go out, go raving and now I have the added bonus of being able to stand up there and make people dance.  I always feel just as much a part of the crowd standing up there than I ever did.


What has been the highlight of your DJing career so far?
Being asked to come and play at the Different Drumz night of course!! I guess the main highlights for me are just being asked for and sharing that experience with so many different people.  Because drum and bass is such a worldwide scene now, I’ve met some fantastic friends along the way and got to play at some crazy, crazy parties!  DJ’ing in Romania, on a beach, was a definite highlight.  As I played the last record, the sun started to come up over the mountain range in the background.  I’ll never forget that for as long as I live.


Is being a DJ and producer your full time job or do you do something else?
I would love for it to be my full time job but at the moment I’m still holding down a day job.  To DJ and produce full time is still my ultimate dream, and has been since I first started mixing all those years ago.

Do you listen to other genres of music aside from drum and bass?
I listen to all sorts of music from hip-hop to house, rock, indie, jazz…..I like to keep it varied!
You currently hold down a weekly BassDrive radio show how did that come about?
There was a guy in the states (Jon Methodus) that had heard of my music through myspace etc and just from talking to other people.  Methodus also has a show on Bassdrive and asked me if I’d be interested in doing a guest mix for his show.  I put one together with all my own tunes, and about a week later I got hit up by the Bassdrive management asking me if I’d like to do a show.  It all started from there and I’ve been presenting the show every Monday 4-6PM on Bassdrive for the last 3 years now


The first hour of the show is dedicated to new music from both established and up and coming artists, are there any new artists coming through that you are really feeling?
Ah man there are so many artists that I’m into!  And the mad thing from doing the bassdrive show is that it really opens your eyes to just how many stunningly talented producers there are out there that just need a platform to shine.  The one’s that are really standing out for me are LSB, Donnie Dubson, Pro Luxe, Majestics, Phil Tangent and Flaco.  And Technicolour of course!


The second hour of the show is when you go “Knee Deep in the mix”, could you explain how the term “knee deep in the mix” came about and are the rumours of T-shirts with this slogan on being made true?
Haha the term ‘Knee Deep In The Mix’ came about totally off the top of my head and it seems to have struck a chord with everyone listening!  The rumours of T-Shirts with the slogan on are true, but I am the only person that owns one.  At the moment…..


With your production you regularly use a lot of spoken narrative in the intros or/and breaks, where do you usually acquire them from?
Me and Pete (Technicolour) are big fans of the spoken words.  Back in the old skool days of Jungle, kind of ’94 / ’96 producers went through a phase of putting in these wicked little speech samples from movies, TV shows, you name it.  We both always loved that idea and its become a staple of our tunes ever since.  They come from all sorts of different sources, whether it be TV, Radio, the Internet, You Tube etc.  If we find something we like, it goes in.You do a lot of production with Technicolour, however I hear your cat is the mastermind behind your production do you wish to comment on this?
He has recently taken up a new role as ‘Creative Art Director’

You have had your music signed to a number of different labels and with the rise of digital labels have you ever considered setting up your own label?
It is something we have considered a lot.  At the moment we want to focus on writing more music and DJ’ing more.  I would never rule it out…

Before we wrap this up could you let us know about your current/forthcoming releases and do you have any last words or shouts?

Tunes that should have just been released by the time of this interview are Make The Most Of Now (Technicolour remix) on Spearhead LTD.  Then there’s ‘The Deepest Blue’ from me and Technicolour which will be part of Viper’s Summer Slammers compilation.  ‘Vermillion ft. Jayma’ and ‘No Evil’ will then be released on Rubik Digital from both me and Techicolour again.  Then towards October time there will be a 12″ & digital release from me on Celsius entitled ‘Rectified / The Initiated’.  ‘Ever After’ / ‘The Secret’ is due out on Fokuz, ‘Stay ft. Jayma’ / ‘Launch Sequence’ is due on Spearhead, as well as remixes we’ve done for both Nu Directions and for Spearhead and tunes we’re writing for Integral.  Loads of music to come from us before the year is out!


Finally could you give us your current top 10 please
1) Technicolour & Komatic – The Deepest Blue (Viper)
2) Bcee – Beyond Belief (Spearhead dub)
3) Technicolour & Komatic ft. Jayma – Vermillion (Rubik Digital)
4) Pro Luxe – My Hands Are Wings Again (dub)
5) Friction ft. McLean – Someone (Shogun)
6) Technicolour & Komatic – Launch Sequence (Spearhead dub)
7) Komatic – Make the Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix) (Spearhead ltd)
8) Enei – Stonehead (Critical)
9) Flaco – Northstar (Rubik dub)
10) Komatic – The Initiated (Celsius dub)