Hybrid Minds – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 3

Hybrid Minds - Different Drumz Podcast Episode 3In the lead up to The Different Drumz @ Plan B Event (30,11,12) the team here at Different Drumz are very proud to introduce the third episode of The Different Drumz Podcast Series with a exclusive mix and interview from our headliners on the night Hybrid Minds (Spearhead / Mainframe / AudioPorn)!

The Tracklist

1) Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
2) Spectrasoul – Away With Me feat. Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix)
3) DRS – Count To Ten (feat. Enei)
4) Hybrid Minds – Fade (feat. Katies Ambition)
5) DRS – Play Wid Fire (feat. Dub Phizix)
6) Alex Clare – Treading Water (Lenzman Remix)
7) Technimatic – She Knows It
8) Hybrid Minds – Blame
9) Hybrid Minds – Lost V.I.P
10) Natalie Duncan – Sky Is Falling (Lenzman Remix)
11) Technimatic – Unfinished Business
12) Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be
13) Temple Cloud – One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
14) Mefjus – Dogs and Frogs
15) Delilah – Shades Of Grey (Spectrasoul Remix)
16) Black Sun Empire – Chaingang (Jade Remix)
17) Hybrid Minds – Warm Winters
18) Daughter – Youth (Hybrid Minds Bootleg)
19) DRS – Star Voyager (feat. S.P.Y & Jenna G)

The Interview

Word Hybrid Minds, hope you guys are good. Tell us how you guys originally met up – how far do the crew go back?
We go back a good number of years, we ran a record label together called “Motion Sensor”. The label was very dance floor orientated and worlds apart from the vibes we’re making now. We started making tracks together and things just clicked.


What are some of the things that Grimm brings to proceedings?
Grimm has really helped to add a lot of depth & soul to some of the tracks. All the singers we work with have their own individual qualities & bring something different to the music.


Describe your sound for anyone who might be new to Hybrid Minds? Atmospheric, cinematic, natural, orchestral? We love to make organic sounding tracks but have also made the more electro style sounds, we find it hard to put a finger on what our sound is. We would rather let the listeners decide.


What’s your studio set up like?
We’re both running on various set ups: Imac, NI Maschine, Mackies, KRKs, Logic Pro 9 & a vast array of VSTs / FX plugins including Albino, Sylenth & the waves bundle.


When you are putting together Hybrid Minds tracks, how does the process work?
Most of the time, one of us will start a track or as we like to say “get the foundations up”. Once the foundations are up the other person will work on it until we are both pleased with where it’s going. A lot of sending files back and forth is involved, we find that it works well like this as we can both be working on tracks simultaneously.


Do you listen to or produce other genres of music aside from drum and bass?
While drum and bass is my favourite music to listen to i`ve always been fond of ambient & trance and I`m really feeling ambient and ambient dubstep at the moment and plan to make more of this style and experiment.


What have you got on your podcast mix for Different Drumz?
You can expect a lot of our tracks alongside music that we are both feeling at the minute & some sneaky dubs of course.


Your joining us for our next event at Plan B in November, What can those touching down expect from the set?
We play various styles in our sets, from liquid to heavy rollers, we love all corners of music. We play what we are feeling on the night. If it’s a nice intimate liquid night then we might do a full liquid set. But we try to find the balance of liquid and heavier material to keep the energy levels up.


Why did you say yes to Different Drumz?
We love playing London, the crowds are always very energetic and up for a party. We haven’t played at Plan B before but have heard very good things about the venue. We tend to get booked in Europe quite a lot and haven’t had that much in London which is strange, So it will be really nice to do a gig a bit closer to home.


What do you like to do to keep your live sets interesting?
Even though we are known for a laid back esque sound, we try & keep our sets high energy. We also throw in a few double drops which isn’t really the kind of mixing associated with liquid djs.


Please could you let us know about some of the forthcoming HM releases?
We have quite a few tracks hitting the shops before the end of 2012 including:
Hybrid Minds – Blame / Warm Winters [Allsorts]
BCee Feat Lingby – Count The Stars [Hybrid Minds Remix] [Spearhead]
BCee – Changing Faces [Hybrid Minds Remix] [Fokuz]
Jakwob – Blinding [Hybrid Minds Remix] [Boom Ting Records]
Hybrid Minds – Meant To Be / Unconditional [Spearhead]
Hybrid Minds – Felicity [Soul:r]


Which other DJs/producers are big in HM’s world right now?
We don’t really listen to much drum & bass, believe it or not. That’s not really a choice, it’s more that we have been pretty busy lately with our own productions. When we get chance, the producers at the moment for us would be: Spectrasoul, Technicolour & Komatic, Marcus Intalex, Lenzman, Bcee, Tokyo Prose, Mutated Forms and of course the one and only Calibre. We also like to listen to a lot of other genres of music and artists such as: Ben Howard, James Vincent McMorrow, Burial, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Bonobo, Helios, SBTRKT, The XX, Daughter and many other artists along the lines of these. We really get excited about finding new music and artists but not just specifically drum & bass.


Before we wrap it up , do you have any shout outs that you want to give?
We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped us in the HM journey so far: The labels, family, friends, promoters, Luke at UKF for his ongoing support and more importantly anyone who has ever purchased one of our tracks. Big loves and cuddles all round.


Finally, please could we get your current top ten?

1) Hybrid Minds – Fade
2) Alex Clare – Treading Water (Lenzman Remix)
3) Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)
4) DRS – Soul Remembers (feat. Dub Phizix)
5) Bcee ft Lingby – Count The Stars (Hybrid Minds Remix)
6) Delilah – Shades Of Grey (Spectrasoul Remix)
7) Technimatic – Unfinished Business
8) Spectrasoul – Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
9) Marcus Intalex – Cabal
10) Mutated Forms – Powder Deamon