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Welcome to the all new Different Drumz DnB Forum community where you can get involved with a wide range of posts from our members and visitors on various topics including general chat, dnb news, new mixes, free downloads, music production tips, funny videos, events, competitions and much more…  If you would like to add youtube videos, soundcloud tracks & playlists or other media to your posts, simply post the link and our drum and bass forum will do the rest 😉 Happy posting!


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Welcome To The All New Different Drumz DnB Forum!

Welcome to the all new forum that we have created for dnb heads far and wide to get involved with and share all your latest tracks, mixes, releases, events and to just generally have a good old natter with like minded drum and bass heads!

Unfortunately our old forum hosting company has closed down and gave us very little notice so we have lost all our old forum and all the posts and our members lists and everything and we have had to start our forum from scratch. Although this is a major pain in the ass and we are gutted to lose over 10 years of topics and conversations and all or registered members to the forum this has given us a great chance to start  fresh with our all new clean and tidy forum and to create a nice shiny new platform for everyone to get involved with.

Our new dnb forum is quicker and more efficient than the old one and it also works much better on mobile devices compared to the old one. It will also make all the topics much more easy to find in google etc too so in theory should be much more effective!

Thanks for checking it out and we look forward to seeing you getting involved...

Thanks for your continued support & BIG LOVE from all here at Different Drumz!


Different Drumz - The Drum & Bass Specialists

I am currently in the process of setting all this up properly so if there are any problems with anything or I can help with anything  or you have any ideas on how I can improve things please feel free to let me know... Nice one... 👍


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