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The Jungle Carousel Show on Jungletrain.net

Ez all crew, rather than posting multiple posts of my bi-weekly show on Jungletrain I thought i will post them all in this thread starting with my latest one from Wednesday just gone featuring recent and forthcoming tunes on a jungle flex. Downloads from soundcloud will always be enabled if you prefer to listen to it in better quality than the stream. Hope you enjoy whilst keeping yourselves and family safe 😷👍


1. Tim Reaper - Rhodiola (Parallax Recordings)
2. Kid Lib - Niceness Guarantee (Meditator)
3. FFF - Listen To The Light (Tim Reaper Remix) (Amenology)
4. DJ Tyrone and Leo J (Impostors) - Adversity
5. Eusebeia - Seckle (Western Lore)
6. S Kid - Swamps & Marshes (f/c PPJ Recordings)
7. Sully - Goodnight
8. Kid Lib - Boundless (Time Bends) (Amenology)
9. DJ Tyrone and Leo J (Impostors) - Reality
10. T-Cuts - Medic (Mined)
11. S Kid - Baadboy Music (f/c PPJ Recordings)
12. Tim Reaper - Shefftrack (Disc World)
13. Eusebeia - Equal Rights & Justice (Western Lore)
14. S.Kid - So Real (Amenology)
15. Medit8 - Dis One For Da Rude Boy (BC Rydah Remix) (Yeska Beatz Unltd)
16. DJ Tyrone and Leo J (Impostors) - Dopeman (unreleased)
17. S Kid - Original Ninjah (f/c PPJ Recordings)
18. Tim Reaper - Death Row (Cat In The Bag)
19. Blade - Homage (Vibez '93)
20. DJ Lewi & Chopper - You Better Run (Pete Cannon Atari Remix) (f/c Parallax Recordings)
21. Pixl - The Stopper
22. FFF - No Ice Cream (Foxy Jangle)
23. Unknown Artist - Stop Look Listen (Newham Wax)
24. Tim Reaper & Yorobi - Drum Tree (Disc World)
25. Kid Lib - Elevate (Amenology)
26. Eusebeia - Respect (Western Lore)
27. DJ Tyrone (Impostors) - Rainfall (unreleased)
28. S Kid - Reaching into my Brain (Amenology)
29. Tim Reaper - Sub-Aquatic (Parallax Recordings)
30. Blade - Voluminous (Vibez '93)
31. Sonar's Ghost - For Real (Amenology)
32. Leo J (Impostors) - Bell The Cat (unreleased)
33. S Kid - Oasis (f/c PPJ Recordings)
34. Kid Lib - My Dreams (Amenology)
35. Missing - X Amount A Dubs (Sub Systems Recordings)
36. Tom And Jerry - Dancer (Tom & Jerry)
37. Tom And Jerry - Maxi (Mun) Style (Nasty Jungle Remix) (Tom & Jerry)
38. Chimeira - Deeper Life (Back 2 Basics)
39. Harmony & Xtreme - Wicked & Bad (Deep Jungle)

this is the latest show from last Friday which I also did a live video stream so if you want to watch it back you can do so here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyurSKq5Bwc otherwise listen to the audio stream on the links below.


1. Left Lucas - Moon Riddim (Amen-tal)
2. Redshift - Plateau (Silent Force Recordings)
3. Acid Lab - In Control (Lossless Music)
4. Seba & Paradox - Love Or Death (Metalheadz)
5. Kratos - Deep Respect (self-released)
6. Fushara Featuring Shiva - Remnant (7th Storey Projects)
7. Drum Cypha - Freedom's Progress
8. MsDos & Greekboy - Mystic 1 (Skeleton Recordings)
9. Blu Mar Ten - Titans (Law & Wheeler Remix) (Repertoire)
10. Digital - Bitter Wind (Rupture LDN)
11. Spirit - Provider (Rupture LDN)
12. Pixl - Event Horizon
13. Future - Red Handle (f/c Danger Chamber Digital)
14. Abstract Drumz - Not Reality (f/c Headwound Recordingz)
15. Infamy - Flying Swords (Inperspective Records)
16. Double O - Any Man (Rupture LDN)
17. Acid Lab - Revelation (Lossless Music)
18. Pixl & Biokem - Spectre (Amen-Tal)
19. Drum Cypha - Voodoo Bosch
20. Redshift - Cetacean (Silent Force Recordings)
21. Dub One - What Goes Around (Foundation X Black)
22. Technical Itch - Nothing (Freak Recordings)
23. Dub One - The Desecration Without Name (Scientific Wax)
24. Vulpes - Fort JNGLST (Pixl Remix) (SoundCrumpet)
25. Jem One - Hummingbird (AKO Beatz)
26. Opius - No Pain No Gain (Danger Chamber Digital)
27. Future - Crux Argentum (f/c Danger Chamber Digital)
28. Infamy - Perplexed (Inperspective Records)
29. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - No Escape (Defcom Records)
30. Blackman Harris - Prophecy VIP (Scientific Wax)
31. Dub One - Bassment Dub (Scientific Wax Digital)
32. B-Key - The Martian Surface (Scientific Wax)
33. Gremlinz - Monolith (DROOGS)
34. Future - Interplanetary Dust In My Coffee VIP (Danger Chamber Digital)
35. MDS - To Cure A Psychopath (Pixl Remix) (SoundCrumpet)
36. Antares - Cocytus (f/c Danger Chamber Digital)
37. Double O - The First (Rupture LDN)

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