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Medit DnB Presents: Wonderland Different Drumz Guest Mix

Medit DnB Wonderland Different Drumz Guest MixMedit DnB, our Greece based liquid dnb amigo returns to Different Drumz just before Christmas with a fresh new liquid drum and bass guest mix for us called 'Wonderland' that is oozing with soul and features tracks from artists like LSB, Viewer, Greekboy,Furney, Satl, FX909 and many more!

This mix was first broadcast live on Different Drumz Radio 22/12/2019 and is now available to stream and download for free below...

The Track List

1. LSB - Melrose (Footnotes)
2. Viewer - No Olvides (DNBB)
3. Os Tincoas - Deixa A Gira Girar (Mr Nitro & Eazy G Remix)
4. Greekboy - Into the 90's (Soul Deep Exclusives)
5. Fx909 - Paranoid (Soul Deep Exclusives)
6. Satl - Drifted (The North Quarter)
7. Rift feat. Veritate - Sorrow (Differential)
8. Kontrast - With You (Fluid Movement)
9. Hiraeth - Nightglow (forth. Galacy/Liquicity)
10. Artificial Intelligence - Inwards (Integral)
11. Edlan & Djah - Melancholy City (Integral)
12. Furney - Silence (Smooth N Groove)
13. Poschek - While It Lasts (DNBB)
14. Calibre - Funny Games (Signature)
15. Hiraeth feat. Phoebe Freya - I Will (forth. Galacy/Liquicity)
16. Satl - Self Reflection (The North Quarter)

The Mix

The Download

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