DJ Fresh Presents: All New Drum & Bass Spotify Playlists

We have recently been chatting to the one and only drum and bass legend that is DJ Fresh. He is on a mission at the moment as he felt dnb just did not have enough exposure on the Spotify platform so has put together a range of all new Drum & Bass playlists to showcase the best in drum and bass tracks from various artists including separate playlists for classic dnb anthems,  fresh new tracks and more. Here is what he had to say on the matter…

“I’ve been frustrated with how little exposure there seems to be for drum and bass on Spotify. And I wanted to try and create a spotlight on great drum and bass for those that are new to it aswell as the diehard dnb fans.”

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Drum and Bass AnthemsDJ Fresh - Drum and Bass Anthems

“I’ve created a playlist called ‘Drum and Bass Anthems’ . This is a collaborative playlist. You can add your favourite all time tracks to the very long list of classics. Like dogs on acid, contributors have a responsibility to keep it sensible.. the aim is a diverse but realistic reflection of only the all time greats.”


-: Click here to check out the ‘Drum and Bass Anthems’ Spotify playlist :-

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DJ Fresh - Drum and Bass 101

Drum and Bass 101

“I’ve also created a playlist called ‘Drum and Bass 101’ this is a regularly updated playlist of my favourite new drum and bass tracks. Tweet me at realdjfresh or on my Facebook (Dj Fresh) any tracks you think should be on there and if I agree I’ll add!”


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“There are three other playlists Bass Music 101. Which is a cross bass genre playlist. Drum and Chill (hopefully self explanatory!) and Dj Fresh Presents a Breakbeat Kaos, which hosts all my label Breakbeat Kaos’s back catalogue (Me, Pendulum, Brookes Brothers, Adam F, Nero, etc). 
The great thing about Spotify is that when you follow a playlist as it’s updated your devices are automatically updated with great new music..  in the same way as back in the day we used to go to clubs to hear fresh new beats now you can have them delivered straight to your phone. The more I use it the more I’m appreciating how great it could be for Drum and Bass and getting cool new forms of it into people’s lives.”
DJ Fresh
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We would like to say a massive Thank You to DJ Fresh for chatting to the team here at Different Drumz and for reaching out to us and wanting to get involved with with our drum and bass blog to help spread the word about his new playlists and we look forward to working together again in the future! For more info about DJ Fresh and to check out his other playlists and profiles please make sure to check out the useful links featured below…


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