Command Strange – Different Drumz Podcast Episode 4

Command Strange - Different Drumz Podcast Episode 4

The team here at Different Drumz are very proud to introduce the fourth episode of The Different Drumz Podcast Series with a exclusive mix and interview from liquid D&B legend Command Strange (Metalheadz / V Records / Fokuz / Good Looking)!

The Tracklist

1) Mr Joseph – I Still Love You
2) Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Hangin On
3) Marky & SPY – Mystic Sunset
4) Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Tonite
5) Random Movement & Jaybee – Good Enough
6) Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Feel The Same
7) Mr Joseph – Don’t Stop The Rock
8) Makoto & The Specialist – Human Nature
9) Command Strange & Dynamic – Too Hot Lady
10) Chris Turner – Liquid Love (Kasper Remix)
11) Marky & Makoto – Love Again
12) Random Movement – Kids In The Sea
13) Bcee – Switchfoot
14) Command Strange – Rock Steady
15) Sevin – Jimmmy
16) Random Movement – Boundary Lines
17) Intelligent Manners feat Iriann Joyce – Brand New Day
18) Command Strange – Dirty Music

The Interview

Hey Command Strange, thank you for taking the time. For those that still might not be aware, can you tell us a little about your background in music?
Hi, my names is Alexey, i’m currently from Kazakhstan. I was introduced to the dnb music at the age of 7 years, when i listened to the first tapes and CDs like Progression Sessions for me it was something incredible and i fell in love with DNB that time to the present day. Years later i have tried to make music by myself. Developing sound and being 16 years old I’ve released my first tunes. Then got my first vinyl records, solo album on Fokuz recordings, received regular support from Fabio & Grooverider on bbc radio1, some plays and feedback from Ltj Bukem that gave me a lot of inspiration to move on.

How was your 2012 – Could you tell us about some of your releases?
2012 was amazing for me, I got great gigs in Western Europe and Russia and released a lot of good releases on such labels like Metalheadz, Integral, Fokuz, Celsius, Expressions, Kosmos Music, Rubik and others.

Can tell us a little more about how you got to be where you are in the scene today?
Over the past 4 years I have gained much experience, skills, big support and have had over 30 vinyl releases and over 150 tracks released on various labels.

What do you think your emphasis is in your music? What do you personally get out of your music?
About creating music… for me it’s an intimate thing, every time it’s an interesting approach, always different. It could be anywhere, anytime and in any condition. But mostly it’s long hours in the studio, working hours of ideas and their further development. I love to do it. I get a subtle and strange vibe that makes each track special for me.

What have you got planned for 2013? Could you tell us a little more about what tracks you have coming out and labels you are working with?
Well, I have much existing and forthcoming music for this year. There are releases on V Records, Horizons Music, Good Looking, Integral, Fokuz, Dark Manoeuvres, also some collaborations with Artificial Intelligence, so just keep your eyes on them…

What sort of thing have you gone for with your mix for our podcast?
I have recorded a more classical and smooth liquid D&B mix, with tunes i really love all the time!

What do you like to do outside of music?
Besides producing and making music I love to travel and football. As a child, I also spent all day on the street and played soccer. If it were not D&B, maybe I would have chosen a career as a football player.

Before we wrap it up , do you have any shout outs that you want to give?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and to those who enjoy what I do. Stay true!

Finally, please can you give us your current top 10 or so tracks – d&b or any other genre?

1) A.I & Command Strange – Mad One [Metalheadz]
2) Command Strange – Black Hat [Integral]
3) S.P.Y – See The Light [Hospital]
4) Bungle – Astral Travel [Soul:R]
5) Stray & Frederic Robinson – When It Rains [BluMarTen]
6) DRS feat Enei – Count To Ten [Soul:R]
7) Intelligent Manners – Close My Eyes [Fokuz]
8) Mr Joseph – Sweetest Thing [Liquid V]
9) Survival & SIlent Witness – Tracer [Dispatch]
10) A.I & Command Strange – Won’t Say Goodbye feat Tali [V Records]