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Rain.Bo! Selekta 




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Rain:Bo Selekta

Rain.Bo!Selekta (east coast hippy junglist faerie) began to DJ in 2004 while studying for her BTEC National Diploma at Gt. Yarmouth College. She was guided by her guru, DJ KLEER (spearhead records) She began by mixing full spectrum drum and bass and jungle, then into oldskool hardcore for a bit before filtering out and adding tunes by the ton. Her style has progressed to liquid bassed wiv a hint of upfront, n intelligent, soulful n sexy but with maximum bass thrill.

Bo! Says “Liquid Dnb has me. There’s so much variety in it n every genre which is out there can be heard in it. From motown to blues jazz n soul n funk n disco etc etc.. I love it ”

Since becoming a  raver and lover of all things drum and bass Rain.Bo! has networked and became known on the local and national scene.

In 2006 Rain.Bo! was given the chance to perform at the Eastern Haze Festival. She also worked as site, tent and stage crew at the festival. Staying for several weeks. She performed both on stage and at many of the after show out of hours parties during and after the festival. She bagan to campaign for a dedicated drum and bass tent with her friend Phil Spacehopper (then Phil Celtica)

2007 After hounding the Organisers, Bo! And Phil were given the opportunity to run the stage of their dreams. After outside pressures, several additions, the Eastern Haze Bass Station was born, With Co-Managers Rain.Bo! and Essence at the helm, our family, Phil Spacehopper, Joe Toll, James and Carly Warly delivered an awesome party with top headliners and local up and coming DJs side by side and  which has gone down in local rave legend. Nicky blackmarket, ray keith, ez rollers, top buzz, bladerunner, venom, LSB, dr s Gachet, force mc. Messy mc. Thunda, could go on n on..maybe I have but.. wow. Lol.

In 2010 Bo! met DJ Jib, He introduced her to some amazing tunas and artists and had a big influence on her style and even became Bo!s B2B partner for a while performing with MC Muzzy ((Respect)). Jib remains one of Bo!s close friends and deserves a shout out for his role in my liquid love affair. :) and here's a special  one for muzzy ((big upz)).

Bo! says "She has given support and encouragement to me since I met her. She has never judged me and always been a wonderful friend and she is an awesome DJ with endless energy and inner strength and many adventures in wonderland have been shared since we became friends" :)

Through all of the above Rain.Bo! has performed across the UK at live events both indoor and outside as Buddha intended under the stars or canvas at festivals.  Rain.bo! has performed now for 2 1/2 years regularly on internet radio with her unique style and personality on internet and pirate radio and is now looking to the future as part of the Different Drumz Family!


Rain.Bo! Presents 'The Faerie Liquid Show' Live on Different Drumz every Tuesday from 6pm(GMT)! Make sure to check her out!





If you would like to book Rain.Bo! for an event please e-mail:

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