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Pete SB

Pete SB


Pete is predominantly a jazz musician and while he focuses on producing Drum and Bass he feels it’s the genres you listen to outside of the “scene” that best influence the music. “I’m into all music, Blues, Jazz, Dub Reggae, Ambient, Classical, Soundtracks, Rock, Hip hop and Dance."

Pete started off like most teenagers, playing live shows with a number of bands. He studied music technology at A-Level but at 17, decided to focus on English due to the lack of job opportunities in music. It wasn’t until he was 20 that he re-focused on music after seeing a number of Drum and Bass DJ’s live. “I couldn’t believe some of the music I was hearing, from all over the world. It definitely inspired me to become a producer and find my own sound, to do something different”

Pete believes DJing is all about progression and subtlety; it’s about the journey you take the listener on not how many anthems you can pack into a set. He says “I think Marcus Intalex made a good point when he said “there’s more to the music than having a quick rinse d’ya know what I mean” I remember finding it pretty funny but the message hit home.”

He has Played at a number of bars and pubs and is looking to take his live show into the clubs. He Dj’s a number of different genres, predominantly Dnb, House, Trip Hop/Down-Tempo and Breaks.


Pete says “I got into Production a month or two after I started Dj’ing. I didn’t have anyone to help me, I taught myself Reason from the ground up using the Internet which wasn’t’ easy. I remember having all week to practice in my third year of Uni because my timetable was so sparse which certainly helped”

As the months past Pete became more adept with the craft, producing a countless number of tunes while adding to his studio, consistently searching for that sound. Being classically trained on the guitar and piano was also a big help as was the work experience at West Street Recording Studio.

Still learning the piano today, he aims to take this knowledge into a live set up, incorporating synths into a band, much like The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and Faithless. So any producers or performers who are like-minded feel free to get in touch. The same goes to any vocalists who are looking to work on a project/remix.

With label interest growing and more demand for his djing, expect to be hearing from Pete SB in the future...


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If you would like to book Pete SB for an event please e-mail :

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