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A selection of profiles and details for all the artists, producers and DJ’s in the Different Drumz family


Seathasky (USA)

Seathasky is the production name of USA based Producer/DJ Matthew Centonze. Mostly known for his liquid/tech DnB music. Seathasky is signed to various …


N3ptune (Switzerland)

N3ptune (Marc Lackey), was born in Barrow (UK) but has spent most of his life and still lives in Basel (Switzerland). His …

Crooked Mystery Jazz

Crooked Mystery Jazz (UK)

Just over a decade ago, Crooked Mystery Jazz started mixing UK Garage and breaks, and also hosted as an MC on and …

LQD Code

LQD Code (Russia)

LQD Code (Sergey Voropaev) is a professional musician from Habarovsk, Far East, Russia, playing clarinet since 6. Before he started playing electronic …

Ynerzia Project

Ynerzia Project (Spain)

Ynerzia Project is a DJ, producer, and certificated sound technician from Seville (Spain). He began his career in 2003, when the sounds …

DJ Ravermonkey

DJ Ravermonkey (UK)

West London’s Ravermonkey (Phil Davies) has always been around music since an early age and fell in love with electronic, jazz and House music at …

DJ Genesis

DJ Genesis (UK)

Genesis grew up around music, and started his career playing ‘Rare Groove’ in a ‘Sound system’ managed by ‘Special Edition’ playing at …

Mark Frequency

Mark Frequency (UK)

It all began in about 1988, Thirteen years old, and being drawn towards the sounds of Acid House, Tuning into Radio Stations …

Mr Legacy

Mr Legacy (UK)

Having had an older brother and next door neighbour who used to listen to helter skelter, one nation tape packs Mr Legacy …