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A selection of profiles and details for all the artists, producers and DJ’s in the Different Drumz family


N3ptune (Switzerland)

N3ptune (Marc Lackey), was born in Barrow (UK) but has spent most of his life and still lives in Basel (Switzerland). His …

Crooked Mystery Jazz

Crooked Mystery Jazz (UK)

Just over a decade ago, Crooked Mystery Jazz started mixing UK Garage and breaks, and also hosted as an MC on and …

LQD Code

LQD Code (Russia)

LQD Code (Sergey Voropaev) is a professional musician from Habarovsk, Far East, Russia, playing clarinet since 6. Before he started playing electronic …

Ynerzia Project

Ynerzia Project (Spain)

Ynerzia Project is a DJ, producer, and certificated sound technician from Seville (Spain). He began his career in 2003, when the sounds …

DJ Ravermonkey

DJ Ravermonkey (UK)

West London’s Ravermonkey (Phil Davies) has always been around music since an early age and fell in love with electronic, jazz and House music at …

DJ Genesis

DJ Genesis (UK)

Genesis grew up around music, and started his career playing ‘Rare Groove’ in a ‘Sound system’ managed by ‘Special Edition’ playing at …

Mark Frequency

Mark Frequency (UK)

It all began in about 1988, Thirteen years old, and being drawn towards the sounds of Acid House, Tuning into Radio Stations …

Mr Legacy

Mr Legacy (UK)

Having had an older brother and next door neighbour who used to listen to helter skelter, one nation tape packs Mr Legacy …

DJ Spikey B

Spikey B (UK)

Spikey B started mixing back in 1995 and has been mixing all genres of dance music including Drum and Bass, House, Trance …